We care. A lot.

This program was developed by clinicians, professionals and people touched by these issues.

The vision of this program was birthed out of work in some of the most remote areas of the world by our Clinical Director, Paul Radkowski.

His work in the Northwest Territories was instrumental in developing this online wellness resource. Seeing first-hand how treatment barriers increase illness and early death, his idea was that if you could not bring someone to resources like a counsellor, agency or other helpful options, then bring the resource to them.

So he gathered a team of like-minded experts to assist in the development of the Life Recovery Program. Paul’s vision of bridging the treatment gap and providing resources, is not just for individuals struggling, but also those who care about them while addressing family, social, academic and workplace systems, and improves the health of members who participate and engage in this convenient, 24/7 online solution.