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Paul Radkowski

Paul Radkowski


Paul is an internationally awarded therapist, speaker, CEO/founder of the Life Recovery Program.  With over 17yrs experience in the field, he is a content specialist, sought out and noted for his expertise in mental health/addiction recovery. His work in the Northwest Territories was instrumental in developing this online mental health/addiction resource.   Seeing first-hand how treatment barriers increased illness and early death, his idea was that if you could not bring someone to a counsellor/treatment centre then bring the resources to them. Paul’s vision of a 21st century solution of bridging the treatment gap and providing resources, is not just for individuals struggling, but also those who care about them.  It Addresses family, social and workplace systems, and improves the individual/employee health of members who participate and engage in this convenient, 24/7 online solution

Monique Peats


Monique is an awarded therapist with over 18yrs of experience.  She is an entrepreneur with a successful practice, co-author, international presenter and co-founder of the Life Recovery Program.   Having worked in numerous capacities, seeing various individuals including c-level staff and their reluctance to seek help due to fear, stigma and shame, this led her to co-found the Life Recovery Program. Monique assists in lead generation and development of content, tools and resources to assist in increased access and growth of the Life Recovery Program.  She holds two Masters degrees in the field of Psychotherapy and, is the recipient of the 2014 “Champion of Positive Change” Award.


Kevin Smith

Business Development

Kevin provides lead sales support and business development at the Life Recovery Program.   He has over twenty years of sales & marketing success with technology startups to Fortune 10 Tech companies.

Harvey Wortsman

Harvey is the Lead Advisor at the Life Recovery Program.  He is an Advisor at MaRS Discovery District and is a Managing Partner at MC Integrated.  His background is in running a Public Marketing Co., Business Law, and M&A which has allowed him to provide valuable advice to businesses in their strategic planning process. At MC Integrated and at Mars Discovery District, he enjoys helping businesses plan strategic objectives and build tactics to achieve those objectives.

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