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    “Virtual Intervention”- A message of hope
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If you are concerned about someone struggling with addiction (and/or other self destructive behaviours), send a message to them by way of a “Virtual Intervention”. Click here to preview the video and send it to a friend or loved one.

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All Addictions Life Recovery Program

    FREE – Information for family and friends
  • Most important thing is to model …. Care with Consistency. There is a fine line between helping versus hindering, empowering versus enabling.

  • Boundaries /Tough Love are imperative when attempting to support rather than enable someone struggling with an addiction.

  • They may need to “bottom out”, break down, get worse before getting better.

  • Perhaps you have (inadvertently) made it “too easy” for them to act out by always picking up the pieces.

  • The only thing more tragic than having one person suffocate, is having two or more people suffocate at the same time!

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